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As Americans, we spend trillions of dollars more on healthcare than anyone else in the world, yet we have shorter lifespans.  Patients are crushed by medical debt, sometimes forced to choose between paying for medications, rent, or food.  Healthcare workers are burned out from being trapped in a broken system—one that has been the greatest rip-off of the American people this century.

       In Broken, Bankrupt, and Dying, Dr. Brad Spellberg tells the story of this tragic failure of American healthcare, from excess deaths to maddening inefficiencies, crushing costs to medical bankruptcies, and bizarre billing practices to absurd waste (learn what a “Johnson rod” is and how it affects your health).

       Dr. Spellberg presents a real-world solution for a better future that differs from the healthcare proposals discussed in the media. Most importantly, he shows us how we can do better—for our families, our businesses, and our society as a whole.

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